Covid-19 : Zero VAT on hand sanitizers and protective masks

GIS – 25 March 2020: The Value Added Tax on hand sanitizers and protective masks has been removed, as from Tuesday 24 March 2020, by the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) in the wake of the propagation of the Covid-19 in Mauritius.

As such, hand sanitizers and protective masks are being made zero-rated for VAT purposes. According to the MRA, the measure will cost around Rs 5.5 million on a yearly basis.

Necessary amendments will be made to the VAT Act in the forthcoming Finance Bill with retrospective effect (i.e 24 March 2020).

The MRA is also issuing a communiqué, which will be posted on the website of the MRA, to inform all stakeholders regarding removal of VAT on these two products.

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