Five persons appointed successively as DG of the MBC since January 2015, highlights Prime Minister

GIS – 09 June, 2020: Since January 2015 to date, five persons were appointed successively as Director-General of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) on a contractual basis, including the present one who has been appointed in an acting capacity.  In addition, three persons were appointed, at different periods, to act as Officer-in-Charge of the Corporation, as a temporary measure, pending the filling of the post of Director-General.

The Prime Minister, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, gave this reply, today, in the National Assembly, to a parliamentary question pertaining to the number of incumbents thereof since January 2015 to date regarding the post of Director-General of the MBC.
Prime Minister Jugnauth pointed out that the terms, and conditions of appointment of the Director-General are determined by the Prime Minister, pursuant to section 13(2)(a) of the MBC Act. The appointment of the Director-General of the MBC is normally made on a contractual basis for a fixed term of office and no appointment is made in a substantive capacity.
He further informed that two out of the five Director-Generals resigned from the post for personal reasons. One of the remaining three was invited to vacate his office on 24 August 2015 as he had already indicated that he would not be willing to continue for a further term. Another one, underscored the Prime Minister, left the post on 21 May 2017 to take up appointment as Chief Executive Officer of the MultiCarrier (Mauritius) Ltd.  He added that it is not proposed to bring any amendment to the provisions of the MBC Act regarding the appointment of the Director-General.

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