DPM Collendavelloo states that Budget 2020 2021 paves the way for economic progress

GIS – 17 June 2020 : This Budget paves the way for the economic progress of the country for
decades to come and it will help the country emerge from the Covid-19 economic

This statement was made yesterday by the Deputy
Prime Minister, Minister of Energy and Public Utilities, Mr. Ivan Leslie
Collendavelloo, in the National Assembly during his intervention on the Budget

The DPM underscored that the Budget makes
provision through key measures to boost key sectors including tourism and
financial services, so that the economy can regain its momentum in the
Post-Covid crisis.

He spoke about key achievements of his Ministry
including the earmarking of Rs 6.2 Billion to improve the water treatment and
distribution systems so as to ensure that the population has access to clean
water on a 24/7 basis. He underlined that Government is on track towards the
achievement of its goals, as today 80 % of the population have access to water
round the clock.

Our sustainability strategy, which involves fostering
the production and use of local renewable sources of energy, is another
long-term project of the Ministry and there is a need to ensure energy security
and sustainability, he underpinned.

Collendavelloo pointed out that key projects are underway to accelerate
the shift  to clean and renewable sources
of energy away from fossil fuel and there is a need to increase the share of
local renewable energy in our energy mix to 40% by 2030.

In this context, the following new projects will
be pursued:

The setting up of a 2 MW
floating solar PV plant at Tamarind Falls reservoir.

Increasing the capacity of
the solar PV farm at Henrietta from 2 MW to 10 MW.

Installing 1,000 solar
panels on houses of low income families.

Commissioning a battery
energy storage system of 14 MW.


Mr. Ivan Leslie Collendavelloo, reiterated the
political will and determination of the Government to continue to work
relentlessly for the progress of the country. 

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