Côte d´Or Smart City Project: Finance Minister provides all details to the House

GIS – 28 July 2020 :A Master Plan was finalised on October 23, 2017 for the development of 2,160 arpents of land under the purview of Landscope and on December 26, 2017, Landscope invited potential promoters interested in developing projects in the first phase of the Smart City of Côte d’Or to express their interest through an Expression of Interest exercise. As of March 30, 2018, which was the end date of this fiscal year, 59 applications had been received for this purpose.
This statement was made by the Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Dr Renganaden Padayachy, today at the National Assembly, in reply to a Private Notice Question in regard to the 2,179 arpents of land at Côte d’Or managed by Landscope.
The Minister of Finance recalled that Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd is a public company whose main shareholder is the Government of Mauritius. He pointed out that Landscope owns and manages a diversified portfolio of real estate assets in Mauritius, covering the office, retail and industrial sectors. Landscope also develops and manages business and industrial parks, the Smart cities.
Dr Padayachy indicated that out of the 59 submissions, 31 were shortlisted by the Assessment Committee which then recommended the list to the Landscope Board of Directors.
Of the 31 bidders, two promoters, namely, Ergoma Consortium directed by Nundun Gopee Ltd and Cote d´Or Smart City J.V. directed by Consolidated Holdings Ltd / Gamma Civic Limited have proposed to develop all zones 2.A and 1.A, in partnership with Landscope.
He also dwelt on the proceedings of the exercise and elaborated on the running and role of Landscope.
Minister Padayachy pointed out that he was informed by Landscope that the Master Plan for the said Smart City was unanimously approved on October 23, 2017 by the Landscope Board of Directors and that to date the Government has not approved any joint venture or project related to the development he mentioned.
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